Empowering The Citizens To Demand Accountability In The Extratives Industry and To Protect The Environment.


To be the leading voice campaigning and educating people on issues of natural resource exploitation in Ghana and Africa as a whole and source of people-oriented alternatives policies.


To empower citizens at the grassroots level by advocating for their rights on natural resource exploitation in Ghana and Africa by improving their understanding of issues touching on natural resource exploitation.


Fairness, Reciprocity, Equity, Transparency, Accountability.


The overall aim of CNREM is to help people understand the developmental implications of government and traditional authorities’ policies on them and their communities and mobilize them to demand appropriate, favorable policies in the allocation and disposal of the natural resources of the country.


1. To educate the public on government policies and programmes with regard to exploitation of natural resources, be it land or water resources, which impact them the public.

2. To empower the people through public education, fora, workshops, publications, electronic media, etc., on various national policies and programmes concerning natural resource allocation and use.

3. To inform government about alternative natural resource use policies.

4. To lobby and encourage government to be responsible and accountable to the people by adopting better and fairer policies for the present and future generations.

5. To campaign for repeal of inimical legislations and passage of fair share and modern, equitable legislations on natural resource ownership, allocation and use.