Empowering The Citizens To Demand Accountability In The Extratives Industry and To Protect The Environment.

Why We Created CNREM

Having realized that foreign exploitation of Africa’s natural resources - be it land, mineral deposits, forests, water bodies - have not profited its citizens much for the past 500 years, Aware of the fact that Ghana is not deriving its fair share of revenues from its rich natural resources,

Being aware of the renewed scramble for Africa’s natural resources by foreign interests and the ongoing inequitable sell out of such natural resources to such interests by African governments and traditional rulers.

We, the members of CNREM are committed to stand for and to promote fair share deals in our natural resources exploitation, economic empowerment, social inclusion, sustainable development, and environmental protection at the local, regional, national and international levels. We are committed to holding leaders and duty bearers accountable.

Who We Are

We are a civil society group dedicated to raising awareness nationally and internationally about the exploitation and plunder of Africa’s natural resources and campaigning to ensure an equitable and fair exploitation of such natural resources as well as the protection of the well-being and interests of local communities.


We have an open membership policy and passionately want all citizenry to be concerned about issues of accountability and environmental protection.

Membership shall include the following

1. Founding Members and Management Team

Responsible for Overall management and co-ordinating of activities

2. Ordinary Members

Individuals who are interested in advocacy, empowerment and good governance in natural resource usage in the country and within their districts. They shall be assisted to form local chapters.

3. Honorary Patrons

Shall comprise co-opted experts in advocacy work, empowerment of people and public figures who share the ideals of CNREM.

4. Associate Affiliates

This shall include individuals, national and international NGOs, research institutions and other advocacy entities that share common goals and ideals with CNREM and are willing to work with CNREM

Management Team

Solomon Kwawukume

Executive Director / CEO

Togbe Adaku V

Executive Director

Joel Degue


Togbe Adaku V

Board Chairman

Board of Directors

Imam Adam Abubakar

Tema Metropolitan Chief Imam

Togbe Nakakpo Dugbaza VIII

Paramount Chief of Tefle Traditional Area

Rev. Charles-Eric Gyeban-Mensah

Tema Metropolitan Industrial Chaplain

Togbe Adaku V

Dufia of Asadame

Solomon Kwawukume

Executive Director, CNREM

Joel Degue

Secretary, CNREM

Honorary Members

Mr. Andy Kwawukume

Mr. Doe Ladzekpo

Dr. Anthony Dotse

Mr. Roland Tudzi

Mr. Keneth Dzogbeta

Ghana Institute of Governance and Security